Start-up business

Starting a Company Pt 1

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I finally did it. I worked up just enough nerve to take the risk and begin my own home business – and I did it in one week. That’s right, it took me one week to research, create a business plan, legalize my business, create my own website, purchase start-up supplies, prepare advertising and be ready to launch. In addition …

Using HTML to Build a Commercial Small Business Web Site

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Okay. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, the fun part. Making your commercial web site. By now you should have a business domain name, and are renting web space from a server host. Now you are ready to create and upload your web site to the server. Technically, most web masters have already created a web site to upload by …

Website Autoresponders

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Automate Your Small Business with Autoresponders For small business owners looking to cut costs, an autoresponder can handle many of the administrative tasks involved in the sales and customer service process. Also known as mailbots and automatic email, these online tools can put your business on autopilot. Designed to automatically respond to any emails received, they’re great business builders that …